TobiLoba was born to a family of four siblings; where she is the only female amongst her beloved brothers. Her first step was at the age of eight, where she led praise and worship at the family’s daily devotions at home. Though at such a tender age, TobiLoba found comfort and peace in singing to God. Of course, at that age, having to continuously wake up very early in the mornings and sing every evening wasn’t always a desirable or pleasant experience. All in all, it is a phase of her life that she has not stopped appreciating till now. It is this very phase that began to enlighten her fundamental understanding of Worship; that it is not in any way based on how one feels, but to thank God for who He is regardless of the present situation.

From a young age, TobiLoba had longed to join her church choir. However, due to the long distance between their family home and the church, her mother was unable to fully take on the responsibility of dropping and picking her up from rehearsals. As her mother did not want her to be half committed, she did not allow her to join at that time.

When TobiLoba moved on to secondary school in Abuja, Nigeria, she had the opportunity join a gospel a-capella group where she discovered her voice. The positive feedback she got as she sang was not only overwhelmingly encouraging, but it allowed her to grow in her journey of a worship leader. From here, TobiLoba migrated to the United Kingdom to complete her secondary education. She then joined a local community choir called Solid Harmony.

TobiLoba is currently the Worship Leader at Freedom House UK under the leadership of Pastor Victoria and Elder Olusegun Oladipupo. She started as a choir member at Freedom House until she was appointed the Leader in 2010. Since then TobiLoba has sang in various events and collaborated with a range of gospel artists. She is also a vocalist, providing vocal training sessions; sings at weddings. To find our more or book TobiLoba at your event visit contact us page.

… This is the diary of a Worship Leader …